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Lot to offer in Computer desks by Cube in a Box

You can have everything to set up computer desk or cubby in one box with the help of CUBE in-a-Box. It can be expensive but not so much. These desks can be assembled easily and can be good for the needs of small businesses as well as for larger companies. These desks can be shipped immediately as these are always in stock. The good thing about CUBE in-a-Box desks is that desks look trendy, ergonomic and come with life time warranty. There desks are offered in five series which are:

V1 Series Small Cube

The size of these desks is 48” x 30” and these desks are good for students. These desks can be placed side by side or back to back very easily. These can be used in call centers or telemarketing business. There is adjustable work surface in these desks with open work shelf. There are two paper trays with pencil box, raceway with data and other basic things. If you are coupling the desks together then you can have small raised side for privacy. These desks also have 30 drawer unit which can slide under any desk in case of more storage required.

V2 Series Corner Cube

The size of these desks is 68” x 42” and these desks can be used at home or in small office which have limited space. The items of these desks are same like V1 series. The only difference is the L shape of work surface which can fit in the corner. Two of these desks can be joined in many different ways. These desks have four sides, short and long back of computer desk and two short sides of desks on both ends. You can pair any four sides of these desks with another V2 desk due to which you can have lots of flexibility to increase space when you set up an office.

V3 Series Standard Cube

The size of these desks is 72” x 72” and these desks can be used in offices with cubicle clusters or by the companies which require larger computer desks because this is larger corner cubicle. These desks can also be used in smaller or home offices. These desks can also be coupled in many different ways. There is everything in these desks like V2 and there is small white board in these desks. These desks also have power ports and raceway with data.

V4 Series Reception Cube

The size of these desks is 72” x 24” and these desks are specially designed for receptionists. There are privacy panels on three sides and work surface in these desks. The additional higher surface is also provided in these desks which can be used transaction counter top for customers.

V5 Series Compact Cube

The size of these desks is 53” x 41” and these are neither straight nor full corner desks. There is bit extension on one side of these desks due to which there is more room available for computer in the corner. There is every standard feature available in these desks like V1 and V2. These desks can be used individually as well as in coupled form.

You can see that fancy and good solid computer desks can serve small companies for many years.

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