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Kneeling Chair
Kneeling Chairs

The knee cushion is a very important part of good kneeling chairs.
Ergonomic Footrests

Another great type of ergonomic footrest is the deluxe heated footrest.
Ergonomic LCD Monitor Arms
Ergonomic Monitor Arm

All Ergonomic LCD monitor arms are very useful indeed.
Ergonomic Keyboard Platforms
Keyboard Platform

Much time have been put into the designing of ergonomic keyboard platform.
Ergonomic Chairs
Humanscale Chair Kneeling Chair
Humanscale Chairs Kneeling Chairs
Humanscale - Presentable and quality.
Kneeling Chairs - stylish, functional and low-priced.
Neutral Posture Seating Izzy Chair
Neutral Posture Ergonomic Seating Izzy Chairs
Classic and modern!
Izzy Chairs - cool, flexible, affordable and scalable.
RMF Chair Recoro Chair
Ergonomic RMF Chairs Recoro Chairs
RFM manufacture Seating has built a reputation.
Recoro manufactures - mobile seating, high quality products for Child Seats.
comfortable chairs
How Can We Help you in Selecting a Perfect Ergonomic Chair?
Ergonomic Chairs have been designed according to the concept of ergonomics and have been found to be highly useful by people from all walks of life...
Demystifying all chair adjustable functions
You can find many terms by the ergonomists and chair companies without any explanation about good adjustments of features...
Monitor Arms
Welcome to Wahoo Project!

In broad sense, Ergonomics has to do with the study of the working conditions and design of equipment and furniture in order to help people work more efficiently with minimal or no stress! Talking about furniture’s for example, the right ergonomic chair can make your workstation a healthier and safer place to work. Ideal Swopper chairs come in a range of designs which are meant to specifically suit the tastes of a particular person, their body sizes, the tasks performed or arrangement at the workstation. But why is the ideal Swopper chair so important?

Well, the reason for this is not far-fetched! In these days when machines have replaced manual lab our, people tend to spend most of their time awake operating those machines to do various tasks. Having breakfast, driving to school or work places, having a meeting or just sitting behind your PC, are just the few activities that require sitting. And not just being seated... But sitting conveniently to be able to handle the task at hand effectively is the key! Even though, sitting requires less energy than standing or walking, having to sit for too long in a manner that does not consider your body size, whole or partial skeletal framework can lead to serious health problems!

  • A good ergonomic chair must have a seat that is adjustable. It is particularly important for the chair to have a height that can as well be adjusted to the optimum height required to work with effectively.
  • You need to note that the chair has a backrest that can be adjusted both vertically and either in the forward or backward direction.
  • The seat depths of most ergonomic chairs vary. But what is important is to get a chair having a seat depth that can suit your height.
  • Stability is also an important feature to consider. Having a 5-point base confers great stability on an ergonomic chair!

However, the nature of your job will really determine what features to look out for in the ergonomic chair you want to buy. For example, for someone who spends much time behind a computer, an ergonomic chair having an arm rest (narrower or wider size depending on worker's dimension) with an adjustable height will help your work greatly.


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